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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

You pay attention to what you eat; you exercise regularly, and see your doctor every year for a checkup. But is your health routine missing something? If you haven’t seen a dentist recently, the answer is yes!

Protect Your Smile

Dental disease can creep up faster than you think. Brushing twice a day won’t prevent it. Cavities and gum disease may not cause discomfort right away, but if left untreated, can damage your whole smile. Dr. Kuntz can detect and stop potential problems before they start. Preventive general dentistry also allows you to avoid more costly and invasive restorative dentistry procedures down the road.

Protect Your Health

A great smile isn’t just attractive; it also creates the foundation for a healthy body by preventing the bacterial build-up that can lead to gingivitis and gum disease. Research shows that as infection spreads through your gums, it may also enter the bloodstream elevating your risk for additional health problems. General dentistry visits allows Smile Beautiful Dentistry the ability to identify and eliminate potentially harmful gum disease. Regular dental visits and good dental habits are important habits that lead to a healthier future for you. Dental visits every six months are important for a healthier life. Contact us for a smile that will get you noticed both personally and professionally.

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